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Regulatory Questions/COVID-19

By: Jack Peterson, ESD Associate Director

We have had questions relating to the worker protection program and training.  We have had to cancel or postpone our Train the Trainer program due to the COVID-19 situation. Anyone whose trainer’s certificate that has expired since March 1, will be considered certified to continue training until we have the program up and running again. We will need to do some additional TTT courses and we will need to give priority to those folks whose certification would have expired already.  

We have also had questions relating to CEUs for credential renewals. As a reminder all credentials expire at the end of the year.  (Private applicators need 3 hours, commercial applicators need 6 hours and PCAs need 15 hours to renew for a year.)  It is still too early to say we are going reduce the number of CEUs required or delay renewals. There are a lot of courses on-line (all are not free). This could be the new normal with more courses on line and not everything is free. As a reminder the department normally provides a CEU course in the November/December timeframe. This normally provides 6 hours.  I truly have faith that things will be better by then.

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