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Featured ESD Inspection: Marketplace Inspections

By: Art Aguirrebarrena, Yuma ESD

Throughout the year, Arizona Department of Agriculture - Environmental Services Division (ESD) compliance inspectors, conduct a variety of state and federal inspections. One of these inspections is the Marketplace Inspection (MPI). An MPI is a routine state inspection that is conducted at the retail or wholesale establishments. The purpose of an MPI is to ensure that products are safe that they are of the quality claimed by the label, and are compliance rules and regulations related to the product.

Products checked during Marketplace Inspections are feed, both commercial and pet food, seeds (agricultural/vegetable/flower), fertilizer - both specialty and commercial, and pesticides, both agricultural and non-agricultural of general and restricted use.

When conducting a marketplace inspection product registration status, labeling, composition, proper storage and display are reviewed including manufacture and seller licensing status. If a violation is discovered, action is taken depending on the product being inspected and the severity of the violation. All violations are recorded onto an ESD Marketplace Documentary Supplement Form. A copy of the form is provided to the Arizona Department of Agriculture Licensing office for further review. AZDA Licensing will then verify whether or not a violation has occurred. Once verified a Cease and Desist order is sent out to both the registrant and retailer. A Notice of Violation is also sent out to the registrant.

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