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COVID-19: Be an informed consumer when purchasing disinfectants.

By: Jack Peterson, ESD Associate Director

Everyone is concerned and taking precautions to deal with COVID-19. Besides social distancing we are supposed to wipe down hard surfaces and frequently wash our hands for 20 seconds.

We recently received information from the EPA about products that can make claims of disinfecting for the virus. [The EPA approved for this claim to be printed on the product’s label].

Click on this link to see the list:

This list is not based on actual data for this specific virus but similar viruses, this is why there is reason to believe these products will work. Make sure and check for the EPA Registration Number when purchasing a product and make sure it is on the EPA list. You should always read the labels as sometimes contact times may be for several minutes, not the 20 seconds it takes to spray it on and wipe it off.

On the other hand, there are bad people out there who try to take advantage of others by using fear to make people believe in things that are untrue. Knowing this, the EPA also sent us information on a company that is making false claims relating to this with a whole lineup of products.

The products are under the name “Virus Shut Out”. Commonsense would normally tell you that I can’t attach a card to my shirt and be protected from viruses. But again, in times of crisis folks will reach for anything.

ESD inspectors are looking for these and other products that may be making false claims, as part of their normal inspection activities and will “stop sale” any of these found.

Notice how they tug at your hearts with the picture of a child, as who wouldn’t do anything to protect children. Don’t be fooled, stick to the EPA registered products.

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