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AZLGMA Sponsors Training About Harvest Equipment Decontamination

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

By: Ernie Lugo, Yuma ESS

A presentation/training was recently provided to growers and harvesters in Yuma by the Arizona LGMA about harvest equipment sanitation.

Vicki Scott of Scott Resources and Technical Assistant to the AZLGMA was the presentation's moderator. She explained that LGMA metrics require cleaning and sanitizing food contact surfaces on harvest equipment at the end of each daily harvest or when moving between commodities and fields and/or when excessive soil has built up.

The presentation focused on the need for comprehensive Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures which must be aligned with AZLGMA and FSMA requirements.

Justin Kerr of Factor IV Solutions explained proper sanitation many times require the use of disinfectants which must be EPA/State registered products. He also spoke about the importance of following the label instructions to ensure the product is used correctly and employees handling those products do it in a safe manner.

To check for proper product registration please click on this link: .

You will find there are several methods to check if products are registered with both the EPA and the State of Arizona.

You may contact Ernie Lugo at

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